Wolverine: Legacy #1 

After Wolvie dies, who will take his spot? 


AGE OF ULTRONby EddieHolly


A Complicated Question by Asaf Hanuka



Black Widow #04



DSC JLI week by theEyZmaster

Here’s a fun week worth of Daily Sketches, all put together at last!

I know theunbrilliant will want to see this one!


A little late to the #7daysofcolor challenge from last week, but here is a red Star Lord!

I’m officially addicted to kyletwebster's gouache brushes!


Martian Manhunter by Ian J. Miller

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Smallville Continuity #1 by Cat Staggs

Everything :(


Kara and Kon, by Olga Ulanova and Rafael Albuquerque

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All I want is for someone to buy me McDonald’s and hug me and tell me everything will be alright.


I haven’t had a lot of time to post anything over here lately (working on a difficult comic page) so here’s a veeeery quick drawing of a murderer one of my favorite DC characters, Murder McMurderFace Maxwell Lord IV! A lot of people are surprised when I say that as he murdered Ted! isn’t always the nicest guy, but I really liked his depth and character development in the Justice League International comics. And you can tell how much the JLI cared about him in the comics when he’s put in a coma; poor Blue Beetle was particularly distraught and then Max MURDERED HIM.  

Anyway, him burning money is based on a Kevin Maguire image I got in my JLI postcard set that hangs on my wall. I love how he’s such a skeezy businessman but the JLI still far prefers him as an owner over any other before he SHOT BLUE BEETLE IN THE HEAD AFTER HAVING HIM BEATEN YOU PIECE OF SH-.

I hope you guys like this quick thing!!!

Murderous Jerkoff  Maxwell Lord belongs to DC

zatanass requested: Dinah Lance or Mera?

I don’t like people telling me what do and I like guns even less.